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Logo & Corporate Identity Design

A corporate identity expresses the philosophy, values, character and goals of a business. It covers the full range of printed and digital media that distinguishes a business from its competition.

At Grafisto, we study and evaluate the character of each company and create the appropriate visual communication, applying a holistic approach. With modern design as our tool and a team of experienced, professional designers, we create innovative, artistic proposals that turn design into a useful means of communication and promotion.

Corporate Identity Design. Tools for a quality upgrade.



The logo is the dominant part of corporate identity and a necessary element for any company or freelancer.

The logo defines the style, pattern and aesthetics that govern the entire corporate identity, allowing direct visual recognition of a brand, or even transmitting a message about the product or service of the company.

The design of a logo is not limited to the visual and communication part, but also includes a number of changing technical and functional principles that determine its functionality.

Corporate Website

Successful web design is not just about the aesthetic quality of the result. With the corporate identity as a visual guide, a proper website must meet a number of conditions in order to ensure success. Especially when a customised design is needed, the user interface and user experience have a decisive impact on the navigation experience of the end user.

We focus on these details in order to achieve the high quality of our work. Taking into account your personal preferences and style, together we can create a website that will fully represent you.

Printed Materials

Printed Materials

Printed materials displaying the corporate identity are crucial for the visual communication of a company. Even in this ever-evolving digital age, printed artwork retains its power. Printed matter leaves the longest impression on the recipient. In contrast to digital material, print media offer a sense of texture and volume, but also the comfort of time for evaluation and assimilation.

Grafisto can undertake the original creation of all corporate or personal printed materials: business cards, corporate correspondence, brochures, flyers, catalogues, invitations, calendars, posters, promotional stands, signs, etc. are products you can assign to us.

Business Card

Business Card

Your business card creates the first impression on your prospects and partners. Its design should be the result of study; using ready-made, commonly used templates which are widely available on the Internet is a bad practice with long-term negative effects on your corporate identity.

Grafisto works with the reputable printing houses and provides you with a wide range of choices in terms of quality, special papers and original layouts.

Product Packagings & Labels

Product Packagings & Labels

Packaging design is crucial in the application of corporate identity and strongly influences the purchase and commercial value of the product.

A custom packaging and an original label can capture the consumer’s attention, distinguish a product on its display shelf, and promote features that are difficult to communicate with improper packaging.

Each package created by Grafisto describes, in its own way, the history of the brand or product, utilising the latest production methods. We ensure the perfect result of our work, applying the necessary diligence in all stages from research to production.

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