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Who we are

Δημήτρης Grafisto

Dimitris Koutsoubas

Dimitris Koutsoumbas, co-founding member of Grafisto, is a Product & Systems Design Engineer and has been active in the field of digital and print design since 2013.

Having many years of experience both in the construction of websites and e-shops as well as in the design of packagings and corporate identities, he supervises and guarantees the creation of the perfect visual communication of every company that trusts Grafisto.

With practical expertise in SEO/SEM techniques for the optimisation of website performance, Dimitris guides our partners in all strategic actions of digital corporate promotion and ensures the increase of profitability and recognition of their business.

Μπετίνα Grafisto

Betina Potamianou

Betina Potamianou is a Civil Engineer with a postgraduate specialisation in “Seismic Engineering & Earthquake Constructions”. Since 2010, she has prepared dozens of studies and designed demanding construction projects, specialising in 3D photorealistic rendering of interior and exterior premises and buildings.

As co-founder of Grafisto, she contributes to the creation of a complete corporate identity for each company. Applying the principles of architectural layout and interior design, Betina coordinates the activities and ensures optimal and realistic results that lead to the competitive differentiation and success of the business premises of our partners.

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